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Lamprecht Ammunition has tailor-made our range to best equip the African hunter and shooter with what they need. 

Lamprecht No. 5

Original L-Shot

Wing Game

Our flagship hunting range offers versitility and consitancy for wing and small game hunting. 

Lamprecht AAA

Original L-Shot


Hard hitting without sacrificing pattern.

Our buckshot range is ideal for hunting and personal defence.


L-Shot Trap

High velocity, low pressure, tight pattern. We pride ourselves in offering the highest degree of consistancy to the descerning trap shooter.



Inspired by the

Namibian people

this AAA load is powerful and versatile.



Lamprecht Ammunition's facility is situated in Eastern Namibia on the edge of the Kalahari. We load using state-of-the-art Italian machines to ensure consistent loads and perfect crimps. Our fully integrated and computerized ballistics lab ensures that velocity, pressure, and primer time are consistent across the board.

Stringent quality control
Custom Alloy Shot
Computerised Ballistics Lab
State-of-the-art Machinery
European components
Loading Line


Born from an hounoured tradition of huntsman, gunsmiths, and marksmen, Lamprecht shotgun shells are proudly manufactured at our facility in eastern Namibia. 


We utilize state-of-the-art loading technology which allows us to meticulously monitor and regulate every stage of the manufacturing process. 


Our EU-standard ballistics laboratory enables us to closely audit velocity and pressure, as well as primer and barrel times to an extremely high level of accuracy. This technology makes it possible for us to manufacture with the highest degree of accuracy and consistency. 

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PO Box 1443, Windhoek, Namibia



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